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I tell stories. I help others tell their stories, too. That storytelling impacts lives, reinvigorates businesses and changes the world. It sounds too simple to be true, but it’s transformative when you recognize that words have creative power and determine to use them with a new level of insight and expertise. That’s my passion and my role as “The Word Chef.”

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sports & entertainment  beauty    health & wellness    media  government    nonprofit    fortune 500   artrepreneur 

Crystal Prater is “The Word Chef,” a creative communications professional whose talents several household names have relied upon to uniquely position their brands.


Having launched my career at two of the world’s top public relations firms, I’ve been blessed to have a career span multiple sectors, including: sports and entertainment; beauty, health and wellness; media; government; nonprofit; and Fortune 500 companies.

I am anartrepreneurand fuse both business and artistic principles into my work.

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