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Let me put years of expertise in strategic communications, storytelling, branding and messaging to work for you. As a creative communications consultant, The Word Chef curates and creates the content that propels digital and multi-media campaigns, social change platforms and the business and personal brands of coaches, teachers, creatives, healers, public servants and entrepreneurs of all kinds. In other words, I take the ingredients of clients' stories and turn them into delicacies.


Areas of expertise include: strategic consulting; communications messaging; content creation and curation; issue and audience research; public, partner & community relations; digital, print and new media strategies, services and messaging; products, trainings and workshops; and audio/visual enterprises, scripting and storytelling to reach diverse audiences.


 What’s in your story?  


“If character determines destiny, the words we choose influence how long it takes for us to arrive.”

 -The Word Chef

Words not only have the power to impact the bottom line of businesses, they have the power to transform our lives. Whatever we believe—we are—and in turn, whatever we speak about that belief, is what we become. I coach clients by taking the ingredients of their authentic selves and helping them find the truest expression of who they are, so that they can reach their holistic goals by living in a more aligned and purposeful way. 

 Custom create your success recipe.

 Discover your destiny recipe.


Words have the power to help; to heal; to bring hope. I can coach others to move and live in their authenticity because I do the same. The deepest expression of who I am is as an artist who uses my gift of written and spoken words to: Share Truth. Shine Light. Show Love. It’s also been a profound gift to myself.


Over time, I’ll continue to share the works and words of my soul to uplift and inspire the exact person who needs that word at that exact moment.


I write everything! Poetry, books, blogs, music, scripts, screenplays, personal expressions and more. Plus, I use the spoken word; performing voiceover work and hosting and curating events. I not only write and speak for myself, I work with all kinds of clients to lift their voices.


 Let’s make your story sing. 

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