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Grape Faith

“Some say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice…” -2Pac, “Keep Ya Head Up”

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a hip hop head. I’m mostly a fan of the kind where lyricists wrote poems and made declarations that meant something, set to music. If you want to debate me on your Top 5 of all time, let’s go!

I’d be willing to bet that Tupac Shakur/2Pac would make it onto most lists. In one of his many hits, he acknowledged that he wasn’t the first to rhyme this line. It’s an old proverb that the darker something is, the richer, sweeter and better it is. There are lots of inside jokes about that, which isn’t the point of this blog post (smile). But, I will tell you what is: How we can look to nature to provide us with principles that apply to our lives.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what it means to be in a season of harvest in one’s life. You know, that season when everything seemingly comes together. The business finally took off. You fell in love. The kids became self-sufficient and you could finally “do you,” a little bit. You’re able to travel to every place on your bucket list. And money, well, it’s flowing in abundance; as is the state of your life.

What I’ve come to realize is that that life, as nature does, must run its course.

So it was no surprise for me to learn that in the wine-making process, the deeper and darker the grape, the richer or more “bodied” the wine product that comes from the grapes that are harvested. But, here’s a fun fact I didn’t realize: The darkest, richest grapes take the longest to harvest. Yes, some grapes are ready for harvest in early summer. Many are harvested in late summer to early fall. But, the richest, most fragrant wines are made from grapes that aren’t harvested until the season is almost over and it’s nearly winter.

I don’t know what person of purpose or dreamer this is for, but I’m here to let you know: It’s your season. I know it looks like your time has passed--but if you can just hold on and keep growing--I believe, a harvest so sweet and rich is coming to you!

How do I know? Just look around at your life. If you’re faced with issues, challenges or setbacks--right as you seemingly are on the verge of your big breakthrough, change or resolution, it’s a sign that you’re nearing your harvest.

Perhaps the craziest part I learned about harvesting a crop is that farmers allow the weeds to grow with the wheat so that no wheat is mistakenly thrown away in the cultivation process. The wheat and the weeds are allowed to grow together, until, you guessed it--the harvest time.

I know you’ve been working on getting it together and you’re wondering where all of these weeds in your life are coming from. But, I’m here to tell you that it’s only a sign...that it is--whatever your “it” is-- actually coming together for you.

I know it doesn’t feel like it. But, this is why you need, not only a deep faith, but a long faith, that stretches through the wait:

Your harvest is coming. Your due season is coming due. And when it arrives, it will taste so sweet and be so rich with the reward for all the dues you have paid and sacrifices you have made. Do you believe it?

Then…“Keep ya head up.”

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