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I Know You Have Something to Say...

I remember very vividly how I chose a career in public relations. There was a thick career outlook book in my senior high school’s library (go Roosevelt Raiders!) that I thumbed through. Turning seemingly hundreds of pages about this and that of no interest to me, I finally got to a section on communications that said I could take all the talking, writing, and strategizing that I loved to do and was naturally good at and turn it into a career working for all kinds of companies and industries by helping them to talk and write about themselves. Perfect!

This allowed me to fuel the creativity at the heart of who I am, while also having a professional career. I’ve done that for two decades now (time flies when you’re having fun) and true to what the book said and that I’ve loved about my career, I have worked in every kind of industry: sports and entertainment, media, government, nonprofits, health and wellness, business, and then some. But I’m not sure that I’ve enjoyed working with clients before as much as I am right now.

Every day I’m either working on the personal or professional brand, or the personal development of people and companies of purpose. About four years ago, after I’d been in business for myself for a couple of years, I made a list of the type of clients I want to work with. I wrote that I wanted to work with people who desire to make a difference in the world--game changers. People who have a unique perspective, idea and voice that the world needs. And I tell you, when you set an intention, when you pray and ask believing that you have and it’s in alignment with your highest good, it’s coming. It may not come on your timeline, but trust that it’s coming.

It’s a privilege to work with my clients and help them achieve breakthrough moments and messages that I know will lead to the lasting success they are destined to have and importantly, the impact the world needs so desperately today. Because so much of what I do is about storytelling, I spend a lot of time working with my clients on their voice and helping them to do the work to figure out what it is they have to say. Whether you have a product or platform--you’re speaking and saying something. Once we figure out what that is, the ideas flow about their business’ messaging, strategy, or with my coaching clients, about where they need to do more work to find and own their voice so that they can show up in the world authentically and so that they, their ideas--and purpose--grow.

I want the same for you. You have something to say. You have a unique perspective, an idea, a program, a product, a platform that the world needs you to stand and shine brightly on. What is it that you would talk about incessantly? For free? What are you passionate about? How can you make a difference, not only in your life, but in the lives of others by using your voice about that?

My favorite writers, singers, directors, photographers--a lot of them introverts and shy types--have used their creative voices to reflect the society around us and reshape important narratives. Importantly, you don’t have to be a “creative” or an extrovert to use your voice. If you’re a person of purpose, I know you have something to say. I know you have a story to tell that the world needs to hear. Our stories don’t only help us, they help others too:

It’s easy to sit on the sidelines and be silent. There’s no potential for judgment from others or backlash. But there’s also no growth and no victory for you in that type of stifled life either.

And, what if your voice is the key to unlock the door to someone else’s success?

You were given a voice for a reason. Use it. It will take you to the places you see in your dreams.

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