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2020 truly was the year of “seeing clearly”. It’s not lost on me that through the darkness of the past year we have never seen our health, our finances, our families, our nation, our world, or ourselves more clearly.

If you’re like me, as a purpose-filled entrepreneur, 2020 crystallized something within you about what you absolutely MUST do. No holding back. You saw more of why you’re here and that it’s absolutely time to make the shift to being who you were always meant to be, as opposed to simply doing all that you have to do.

I’m willing to bet that not only did the events of the past year give you increased vision, but also helped to clarify your vision. That’s why it’s called 2020 Vision. It’s with this perfect vision that we can see far into the distance, but also up close—with precision and clarity.

Perhaps there was something in your mind’s eye that you’ve always wanted to do. Last year, ideas for it wouldn't stop coming to you. Or, maybe you were stressed out and something inside you leapt at the idea that you could reinvent your life and go after your dreams. No matter what it was, you saw something in 2020, and you cannot unsee it.

What you do with that vision is up to you.

I know, it feels overwhelming. I know what you saw excites and terrifies you at the same time. I know you’ve already been at it for a long time. But, as we embark on a new year, let me give you this food for thought: Wherever there is vision, there is always provision.

Provision = a measure taken beforehand to deal with a need or contingency; preparation. [Merriam-Webster]

Did you see what I saw in that definition? Provisions are made “beforehand”. That’s great news for all of us dreamers and visionaries because it means that whatever you need to achieve the vision you saw, has already been provided!

You just have to access it.

A vision will not be reached overnight, by its nature it lives at a future date on the horizon of time. But, you can see it for a reason: There is a path to get there.

How? Take one step at a time and be:

1- Proactive — Your vision is not going to just come to you or be achieved by osmosis. You have to get in agreement with it and buy into its possibilities; align your life with it in every way possible, and walk it out through the ups and the downs of the journey if you’re going to see it become reality.

2- Protective — Your vision is necessary for the times in which we live. There is a purpose in it. And anything that has purpose must be protected with great care. Time is one of the most valuable resources you have; so are your thoughts, your energy and all the things that make you, you. You are the canvas upon which the vision will come to life, take care of yourself.

3- Proficient — Your vision is connected to a gift you have, but it doesn’t mean you aren’t to sharpen your talents and abilities. My grandfather used to say to me when I was a little girl: “Learn all you can and can all you learn”. You can only offer your gift to the world at the capacity to which you have it within you. So hone your gifts and talents and watch them make room for you. [Proverbs 18:16]

2020 was not the end. It was a new beginning. Do you see it?

This is the place where people of purpose come to be fed—encouragement, motivation and the real life support we all need to nurture our visions and raise our voices to their perfect pitch.

Let’s eat.

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