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Your Secret Sauce

It was the perfect job for me. Or so I thought. It combined my expertise in public relations with the passion I have for advocating for women and girls. But, instead of feeling like my professional heaven on earth, it felt more like a box I needed to escape. It wasn’t only because of the job itself, it also had a lot to do with the stage of healing I was in after a traumatic set of life experiences. I was different, yet trying to remain the same as I’d always been. And it was exhausting.

I hadn’t been in the job very long and I was unsure of what to do. I’d always achieved and excelled professionally, rising through the ranks in my career, earning fancy job titles. In some ways, my job felt like all I had at that time as a sign of my success. As a result, I didn’t realize how much of my identity was wedded to my career. So, I was really conflicted.

One evening, I was kneeling on the side of my bed, praying, crying asking God to guide me. And I heard very clearly words that I will never forget: “What I have for you is more than a job”.

The still small voice of The Holy Spirit was speaking to me (if you’re of a different spiritual belief or none at all I hope you’ll keep an open mind and heart). And I had the confirmation and permission I needed to quit my job. I walked in and gave my two weeks notice. By the Grace of God, I immediately had more than one client lined up who wanted me to work with them. And I was grateful.

In the nearly six years since, I haven’t looked back. I can’t say it’s all been easy, but the freedom to create and live the life I choose is far too priceless. As is the discovery of just what’s “more than a job”. I’ve been the Secretary of the Commission for Women in my county. I’ve led a ministry for girls at my church. All while I’ve run my own public relations consulting business. And most importantly, I’ve discovered me, and my purpose.

My story is not your story. But, you have one of your own. You have seasons of awakening and growth that you can look back on. You have a deep knowing that there is more. You have a vision that keeps coming back to you, precisely at the moments in life when you want to give up.

You, my luv, have purpose. Your purpose is like the secret sauce in your recipe to true success in life.


Purpose = the reason for which anything is done, created, or exists; an intended or desired result; aim; goal. [Free Dictionary]

Simply put, it is your reason for being.

You were created with intention, with purpose in mind. When you went on that job interview, filled out your college applications or did just about anything, it’s doubtful that you were asked about your purpose. But you have one. And you are filled with it. Some of us are fortunate enough to be able to create a business from our purpose. If you’re a coach, teacher, healer, or creative of some kind, you’ve probably not thought of yourself as an entrepreneur. I didn’t either! But, how else will you have the freedom and the flexibility to do the work you were made to do?

You might be what I call a purpose-filled entrepreneur if one or more of these things apply to you:

1- Vision — You have an idea, a seed that’s been planted. Perhaps it was many years ago. Over time, more ideas and visions have come and you can see the seed growing into the full-scale vision you imagine. If you’re a person who ideates, creates and envisions possibilities, you could be a purpose-filled entrepreneur.

2- Voice — You have something to say. Maybe not always. Maybe not about everything. Maybe about one specific thing. But, no matter what it is, you have to express it in some way. There’s something inside of you that gets energized when you talk about “it” and you’d talk about it endlessly.

3- Victory — You have a story of something you’ve overcome or an obstacle you’ve surmounted. It may be something most people don’t know about you, yet. You’ve likely learned some amazing lessons through it all that will impact the lives of your audience or clients.

These are just three of the ingredients that let you know you have a tremendous purpose and a successful business stirring inside of you. Still wondering? Subscribe or follow me @TheWordChef. We’re putting together success recipes that will take your life’s ingredients and help you reach your destiny.

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