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The Word Chef Recipes is a place where I help uplift the vision and amplify the voices of people and companies of purpose with the support, inspiration and clarity needed to successfully operate in their zones. I know you have an amazing story to share (ingredients!), but maybe you don’t feel equipped to do so. I want to see you be and do what you were made to. In my opinion, all you need are a few good “recipes”--the right tools to help you feel heard, seen and validated in your God-given purpose. Whether it is through my digital courses, blog, social media, or working with me personally, these recipes will help you access your power to bring your vision and story to life.

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Entrepreneurs & Leaders

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Every business needs @TheWordChef! Crystal was a critical piece of completing our puzzle--partnering with us to fine tune our vision, corporate messaging and client communication strategies into works of art. She has the innate ability to listen, understand and translate ideas in the most delightful and effective way.


Shelley Rawlings, CEO

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